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Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog and I would never think about getting rid of her.
With that being said I would be lying (and so probably you) if I said there were not things that drive me crazy.Dog Allergies
What could I possible hate about my dog you ask. I’ll tell you…Dog Hair. Yes, plain old dog hair. I’m not the first person have a problem with this so forgive my lack of originality but damn, dog hair blows.
There are two real issues with dog hair. First, it is everywhere, it is a pain to clean and makes the house look dirty. Second, I have to listen to my wife complain when it gets all over her cloths.
Everyone knows dogs shed, but being a first time dog owner the shear scope of the problem took me off guard.
After the initial shock wore off we set out to learn how to deal with it. Below are three things that have made a huge difference.
One – Is there something wrong with your dog? Most dogs shed but the amount of shedding our dog was doing seemed excessive. Every time I would run my hands over her coat it would come off with loads of hair.
As it turns out, excessive shedding can be symptom that something is wrong with your dog.
In our case it was a food allergy. Specifically she was allergic to Chicken. After a lot of trial and error we found a dog food that worked for her. It is called Red Meat Feast and it is made by Only Natural Pet.
We love Only Natural Pet. They provide a large selection of natural dog products and we have had good experiences with them.
This made a huge difference in the amount she sheds. She still sheds, of course, but that amount is much more manageable.
Two – If you are a female then this will come as no surprise but a good old fashioned lint brush is a must have.
Try wearing a dark suit if you own a White Dog Problems dog, Good luck. If I sat down once I would look like a deranged Yeti. Even if I managed to get out of the house without getting any hair on me (and that is a big if), I would still need to sit in my car which is covered in dog hair.
A lint brush is really your only option. We keep them strategically place around the house. One in the kitchen, bedroom and both cars.
Three – A robot. Yep, you need an actual robot. More specifically you need a vacuum robot. Actually, not just dog owners need one but pretty much everyone.
I grew up in the 80’s and back then we were promised flying cars by the year 2000. That never happened, but we do have robots, which is pretty cool.
My wife received an iRobot Roomba for Christmas as a gift. Maybe the best gift she has ever received (her words, not mine). It does an amazing job keeping the floor clean.
We have it set to clean during the day while we are at work and the kids are at school. We come home each evening to a clean house (well clean floors anyways). It is like having elves or a magical fairy.
This has made a huge difference on the amount of dog hair. Sure, there is still hair on the furniture but even that seems far less. There just isn’t that much hair in the house.
So that’s it. Nothing ground breaking but if you are a new dog owner I hope this helps.
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