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Literature Review On SQL BI Tool
Businesses rely on analytics more and more for the purpose of identifying trends and patterns existing within their data, meaningful information relevant to improving decision-making (Nambiar & Poess, 2012). For the users to derive meaning from that information, features and tools need to be relatively easy to apply and interactive. Business intelligence (BI) has been the primary focus of Microsoft Corporation that has been striving to make SQL server entail BI features that can meet the demands of the businesses in light of informed decision making. The right BI tool can provide a business with essential information by gathering data from various sources and over long periods and making it possible to view that data together (Byron et al., 2004). The SQL BI tools and plug-ins like the Power View enable businesses to tap to the backend of their server and get valuable business data, share data, create reports and visuals. SQL BI system supports decision-making in organizations of all sizes, although it is not always the most sensible and cost-effective option.
Features of SQL BI tool
Fig1: SQL business intelligence tool features. Source: Microsoft Corporation (2015).
The SQL BI tool, also known as the business intelligence development studio has four windows, and they include the solution explorer, properties window, designer window and the toolbox. Other windows that this BI tool incorporates allows the users to view search results, information output by designers or project debuggers, and get information regarding error messages. The solution explorer view shows the active solution as a logical container for projects and incorporates all information associated with those projects (, 2015). The properties window shows the properties of an object. One can use this window to view and change object properties like packages open in editors and designers. The toolbox window lets one view the variety of items useful in business intelligence projects. The window always displays the general tab, and other tabs like maintenance tasks, report items, control flow items, and data flow sources. On the other hand, the designer window is where you can create or modify the BI objects. It provides both the code view and design of objects.
SQL BI evaluation
SQL Server includes great features for business intelligence. From loading data, reporting and analysis, there are many features from which to choose. It is hard to choose from all the features, so business has to evaluate each of the features in light of BI development and data analysis (Lacko, 2009). Considering the data mart, SQL includes updatable and no clustered column store index support and on disk or in-memory row store for the purpose of performing operational analytics. It also includes PolyBase, a distributed query capability that allows the users to query the non-relational data in Hadoop, files, 더킹카지노 blobs, and the data in SQL Server without the need to move data. It also provides the ability to export and query data that is on-premises or the one that resides on the cloud for the hybrid data solutions, wherever it may be residing. The integration services such as enhance (Watson & Wixom, 2007).
SQL BI tool include accessibility features that assist in navigating and viewing the user interface. For instance, the user interface in SQL BI tool supports shortcut keys for those who cannot use a mouse. There are also labels of text that include color coding for those who cannot recognize colors and alternative text for the users that use the screen, the reader. The BI tool also has other analysis services that help in the development of online analytical processing (OLAP) as well as data mining functionality for BI applications (Kramer, 2002). The BI tool also incorporates a report model and report projects useful in developing reporting solutions. Include in the report model project type is templates for data sources, report models, data source views and it offers the tools for working with those objects. The design surface in the SQL BI tool is specific to each object that the user works within analysis services. For instance, the designer works with data mining models and the cube designer works with cubes.
The tool is useful in analysis services that can help a business to have a wider view of their information and use it for enhancing their performance (Turbane et al., 2011). SQL BI tool collects data from various sources in clued the web, customer relationship management system, database, and other sources so as to help managers and executives make informed decisions. The analysis services of this tool help organizations analyze their information using several approaches. It also helps them to create reports of different kinds such as histograms, graphs, and charts. It helps the executives to have the report of their choice and observe the trend of the business so that they can make changes where possible (Microsoft BI team, 2012). It helps in improved performance with relational OLAP distinct count, processes, unnatural hierarchies, semi-additive measures and query process separation. Query optimization engines also exist, and they enhance the performance of parallel partition processing, 오바마카지노 direct query and advanced modeling with bi-directional cross filtering.
Byron, M., Daniel, M., Hsinchun, C., & Wingyan, E. (2004). Collecting and Analyzing Business Intelligence Information. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and 007카지노 Technology, 55(10), 873-891.
Lacko, L. (2009). Business Intelligence vs. SQL Server 2008: reportovac
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